Sunday, November 1, 2009

i'm loving the freakishly lovely weather

as the title indicates, i'm loving this freakishly lovely weather. i'm not sure the last time it was this warm this time of year. anyhoo, here are some things i learned over the weekend...
1) little kids in halloween costumes are way too cute
2) people in scary movies are retarded
3) michael jackson is a little weird... but over all a cool guy
4) knee injuries are the worst
5) sushi is my happy food
6) leg braces may suck but there's a reason why i'm adviced to wear one
7) rooms don't clean themselves
8) life isn't fair
9) laughter really can be a cure for anything, especially self pity moods
10) i REALLY want a pug puppy
11) being victoria beckham is not easy (or comfortable)
and that my friends, is what i learned this weekend.

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