Sunday, October 25, 2009

i'm back

a good friend of mine reminded me that i do have a blog and i should probably update it because as surprising as this is people actually care to look at my blog haha. i'm not sure what to say cuz like always my life is monotonous and nothing new and exciting comes my way. the year is flying by and it blows my mind to think that in a week from today it will be November... Where the heck does time go?? This fall is as beautiful as ever. that's one thing i missed so much in hawaii, the changing of seasons. i never realized how much happiness the changing of colors from green to red, yellow, orange, etc. made me until i didn't have it. I also never realized how much i grew to love hawaii and everything about it, including the floods and random downpours of rain haha. if there's one thing i would change it would be my ability to appreciate things in the moment. take in everything for what its worth and just love it then and there, not after its already gone. i miss hawaii, tremendously. it has claimed the title of the best 9 months of my life so far. i sure am lucky... :D i'm sure it'll be another couple months before you all hear from me again because i often forget to blog but hopefully i won't be so forgetful.

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